Saturday 10 March 2018

Bathroom Design and Installation - Complete Details Start to Finish

The transformation of an old Wet-Room into a modern bespoke bathroom.

We have just completed a complete tear down of a wet room right back to the stud walls, ceiling out, floorboards out, dry walls out, bulkheads out, boxing in out, electrics out (Not cross bonded! without an RCD main switch) There We even had to remove 2 layers of drywall complete with 2 sets of tiles. Zero insulation and even the wrong type of extract fan to meet the requirements of part P.

This is what we created, the rest of the images in reverse order follow.

I think you will agree the transformation is much more usable and pleasing to the eye......

The images below begin from what we encountered at strip out stage through to the finished article.

References are available by request 

 Great seal on the pan connector! Out of sight out of mind I guess!!
 Say no more...............
 Cistern brackets rusted to dust!

 Smash the original tiles to get the electrics in, then board over the mess and re tile!!!!
 Dot and dabbed drywall on top of ceramic tiles! Really!!! The wall was not bonded!! 
 Mildew growing in the tile and drywall cavity - Criminal in my opinion!!!
Quality workmanship by the existing fitters!!!!! NOT 
 This is how a so called electrician fits the cabling for a shower!!!!!
 Nice work there Sparkie! I am sure you are long gone out of the trade by now....

 These were really well fit tiles, from 30 years ago, under the mess of the wet room installers

 This is what we found upon removing the wetroom membrane for the floor!!!!!!!
 Just look at the water ingress and rot!!!

 These stud walls were 40MM out of true!

 This is the result of 'Hewing' the walls back to true and that's only half of the shavings!
 Finally a straight wall to work from (After 40+ years!!!)

 Cross bonding in.......Finally

 Shower wall rebuilt

 The whole wet areas of the bathroom have now been sealed with Aquaseal (Tanking)

  The whole wet areas of the bathroom have now been sealed with Aquaseal (Bunding)
  The whole wet areas of the bathroom have now been sealed with Aquaseal (Bunding)

 Found one of many leaks - Nice piece of chrome plated copper pipe stuffed with plumbers mate!

Only we can get snowed IN on a job for 3 weeks!!! 

Would like to extend a huge thank you to Wickes - Pudsey for supplying much of the equipment at the right price even through the horrific weather.

Andy Mahoney
Bespoke Home Solutions (Lincs)
07504 50 50 89