Sunday 15 July 2018

Design and Installation of an EarthShip - Lincolnshire UK - June 2018

One of our clients approached us to design and install a large roof structure for an Earthship. The roof is approximately 6.5M x 6M and is a load bearing, water impermeable, living roof.

The roof structure was designed and installed by us here at Bespoke Home Solutions (Lincs)

Later on this year we are returning to build the entrance corridor and all year greenhouse, then we are designing and installing the completely off grid solar PV system.

The subterranean Tyre walls are being carried out by the client so the project is intertwined and a collaboration between our installations and the clients workflow.

The installation was carried out on a fixed price basis, we worked extremely closely with our client to realize the project which is, of course, one of a kind!

If you have a project in mind and have no idea who to turn to to carry it out then it may be worth your while to drop us an email on or alternatively call Andrew Mahoney on 07504 50 50 89

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