Tuesday 27 November 2018

Hard work pays off - Testimonial - Bespoke Home Solutions

Hard work really does pay off. It takes many years of dedication, pushing on against all odds and believing in yourself but you can get there.

Payment to us is not a bank full of cash and a castle for a house (I'd have stayed in my Electrical Engineering job if I wanted that!!!) Payment for us is having enough to get through each month, look after our pets and most importantly making a difference to the people we work with.

Here is one such customers email I have just received and a couple of pictures of projects we have done for her.

Copied Verbatim in quotes below:

'Meeting Louise and Andy, on Aldi car park of all places, back in 2014 was pure serendipity but what a blessing it was!
I first called them to change a tap and install a roll-down blind.  I appreciated their professional and friendly way of working and knew then that I could trust them for more work. Since then, they have secured my home and redecorated many rooms. And they have transformed an ugly and unsafe (rotten floorboards) bathroom into a now bigger, chic, beautiful and serene space.
Guys, you have transformed my home and my life. When I moved into this house nearly 5 years ago it did not really make me feel safe, it did not feel my own, it felt like when I still used to rent.  Then I met you and you secured my house, you redecorated it, and with the new bathroom you’ve made my home decoration dreams come true.
And all done in a professional, expert, beautiful, courteous and friendly fashion.  You put so much pride in your work.

More than just the quality of your work, you’ve also given me peace of mind. You’ve turned my house into my home, my lovely home. Thank you. I can’t wait for the next project.

I would highly recommend Louise and Andy for any job that needs to be done in a home/garden.'

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